This year we are launching a new experience for outdoor and water sports enthusiasts at Waterlove Stand Up Paddling: the Eco-SUP tours. We realize Stand Up Paddling tours from 2 hours up to one day in a unique river landscape.

In small groups with a maximum of eight participants we start a SUP tour, where we immerse ourselves in the landscape and experience it with all our senses. We learn the basic SUP techniques and drive downstream through the unique river meander. During this time the group is immersed in 250 million years of earth history and experiences deep insights into the formation of this river landscape.

Bavarias largest river Meander – The „Volkacher Mainschleife“.

The Volkacher Mainschleife is the largest river meander landscape in Bavaria. Even though the area has been greatly altered by thousands of years of human use, the gliding and bumping slopes are still perfectly visible. It is one of Germany’s most important geotopes and protected landscape areas. The area around the town of Volkach is the heart of Franconian viticulture. Visitors experience the special features of Franconian viticulture during a visit to the winery. Of course you can also taste the wine.

During a break on one of the extensive sandbanks, the group climbs to an altitude of 800 km and looks at the landscape with its diverse history of use with one of the eyes of the Copernicus earth observation satellites. An expert in the field of satellite-based earth observation gives you background information on innovative space technologies, which represent the future of land surveying and provide a basis for planning how to cope with the consequences of climate change. This is the only way to understand the long cultural history of viticulture, agriculture, gravel extraction and fishing, which is closely rooted in the river.

The satellite’s eye – picture of the area acquired with the Sentinel-2 Earth observation satellite (Source: Synergise).

There are no ships on the Main loop on the old Main and there are eight nature reserves along the route with plant and animal species worthy of protection. If you start early enough you will be lucky to see some rare animals like beavers or kingfishers.

With a breeze of surf spirit, the tour combines lots of fun on the water, inspiring you to linger, drift and play with the water.

With our Eco-Sup Tours we „embody“ the exploration of new landscapes, their history and also their current challenges by learning and experiencing the landscape literally „with our own body“. The Stand Up Paddleboard is the perfect tool for this.

Green teaching and learning represents a new life-affirming attitude that all teachers and, to a greater extent, all citizens must adopt for a sustainable future. This philosophy encompasses networking and systems thinking, which constantly challenges the Western idea of the separation of different life worlds.

With our Eco-SUP Tours, we convey to the participants that nothing in our world works without connection with each other. We convey that past, present and future are interrelated and that NOW is the right time to do something for our planet. Because we only have this one planet.

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